She is finally ready to take the risk of sharing her play and performance with a larger audience. Rightly so, because this solo-play written by her, wonderfully presents her youthful dreams and immigrant experiences…

..Like pearls on a necklace, each scene gives joy to the eye with its bright color.

I am sure there will be a lot more coming to us from this artist in the near future and I am awaiting that with curiosity.

TEATR/ Grazyna Drabnik
POLISH DAILY NEWS/March 26, 2010

…in the play Trevino, with the aid of minor props, shuffles about 20 characters in the autobiography, fluttering effortlessly from one to another. Along the way, we get to know her Polish parents and family particularly well. Her characters also include various people who held authority over her in the new world, including a Burger King manager and her first boyfriend, who tried to kill her.

By Rajdeep K. Bhathal

…Wonder Bread is a sweet, personal story and it reminds its viewer to keep a privileged place in his or her heart for the place from which they came from. One never knows which little details could lead to compelling theater; it could be something as simple as one’s first slice of Wonder Bread.

OFFOFF ONLINE  by Kelly Allano

News Blaze
“Wonder Bread” by Daniusia Trevino at Theater for the New City, NYC
By Rajdeep K. Bhathal

New York Theater Wire
“Wonder Bread,” an autobiographical account of a woman’s journey from Poland to Rock and Roll in New York.
By: Zita Bradley